All Arkansas students will have the agency to pursue extraordinary lives through excellent, equitable education that empowers them intellectually, socially, emotionally, and physically.

The Arkansas Teacher Corps (ATC) recruits, trains, and supports  exceptional, social justice-oriented individuals to serve as teachers for Arkansas students who need them the most. ATC is an alternative teacher licensure program that provides an accelerated path to teaching for the highest-performing and social justice-oriented individuals in order to  have a lasting impact on students and communities in Arkansas.

The Arkansas Teacher Corps aims to…

  • recruit excellent, passionate individuals from diverse backgrounds
  • train them to be rigorous, culturally  responsive classroom teachers
  • place them to teach for three years or more in a high-need school
  • provide unparalleled, transformational  teacher development and coaching
  • support Fellows in completing all requirements for a standard teaching license


The Arkansas Teachers Corps actively seeks individuals who are committed to serving students by teaching in a high-need school and community across the state. Fellows commit to the program for a 3-year period while teaching in an ATC partner district. ATC emphasizes the desire for Fellows to become an active part of the community with goals that stretch beyond the classroom.


The Arkansas Teacher Corps is committed to serving districts and communities in the state of Arkansas. ATC Fellows aspire to not only serve as an effective classroom teacher but also as an active member of their community. ATC Fellows are selfless and relentless in their pursuits to ensure that every student receives a quality education.


The Arkansas Teacher Corps accepts applicants from all majors and all backgrounds to teach a subject related to their major or work experience in an ATC Partner District for 3 years. Fellows are trained over the summer during an intensive 6-week institute that includes firsthand experience in a summer school classroom as well as coaching on the most effective instructional practices.

I want nothing more than to play a role in helping mold, shape, and educate the future citizens of our great state.

Meyshana Lunon, 2013 ATC Fellow

I always considered myself a very compassionate, patient, and loving person. And then going into this and figuring out I have a lot to learn in all of those areas; I can’t tell you how much I’ve grown as a person because of my experience in the Delta.

Jordan Humphreys, 2013 ATC Fellow

If it wasn’t for Mr. Hamilton encouraging me to keep pushing through the hard times I probably would have dropped out of school.  He is my all-time favorite teacher.

Student of Wyatt Hamilton, 2014 ATC Fellow